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Do I read too much? I ask myself the question when reading stops and writing should begin, and pose a question:

What would you give up — reading or writing?

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Guild House

Recognizing what’s special about an ordinary-looking building makes me look at writing from a different angle.

I wrote a draft of a picture book this morning. I don’t write many of them, but when I do, first I have an idea. I type it into my file and leave it there.  I think about the story now and then. I turn it over in my head for a few weeks, months, or more, trying to figure out how to approach it.

Then eventually I think I have it figured out and I write a draft very quickly.

Now I need to let it rest, revise, get a reader or two. Revise. Rest. Revise.

We’ll see if the story holds up! But I’m always happy to have turned an idea into a manuscript. Maybe someday I’ll turn it into a book.